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Episode 190 · 5 years ago

Pat White Podcast Show #15

Pat tells Matty how teams fill their time between the regular season and the bowl game. Also, do players party at the bowl games? Pat talks about his off season workouts including going back to Barwas for some intensive training. And finally Pat and Matty have some fun talking about fake v natural ladies. 

Episode 189 · 5 years ago

Pat White Podcast Show #16

Pat and Matty are back with lots of talk about WVU's upcoming bowl game against Texas A&M. Plus: Should the Big 12 have a championship game, a chance for you to win a signed shirt from Pat, and the unlikely predictions of the week. 

Episode 188 · 5 years ago

Pat White Podcast Show #17

This week Pat and Matty talk about the Big 12 not having a championship and how that could affect potential prospects. Pat tells the story of how Rick Trickett convinced him to go to WVU, how different it is with social media on recruits. They also get into Bob Huggins comments about Marshall in reaction to thier coach saying we are scared to play them. Plus find out where you can watch the Liberty Bowl with Pat White and the unlikely predictions for the week. 

Episode 187 · 5 years ago

Pat White Podcast #18

In the final episode of the Pat White Podacast for 2014, Pat and Matt talk about Clint Trickett's decision to retire, as well as Pat's experiences with concuscions. They then read your feedback and make their predictions for the Liberty Bowl and some unlikely predictions for 2015. (note, audio is not as clean as usual due to studio change for this one episode)